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There is nothing worse than seeing your home in flames. Even the smallest candle fire or stove fire can be such a terrifying experience!  Let us help.  Our 24 hour emergency service means that we will be there as soon as we get the call, no matter what time. We do everything from board ups to pack-outs.  We have local warehouses for contents storage and restoration, which makes it nice for owners to see their belongings.  We have experienced carpenters, painters, and cleaning technicians to handle all aspects of the process of restoration from start to finish.

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              WATER DAMAGE

Water damage to a home can be devastating.  From the smallest leak in your plumbing to the over-flowing toilet,  dishwasher, or washing machine, even the refrigerator ice maker, the damage can be significant  to your home and your contents.  Heartwood can help!  We have all the latest and necessary equipment, from the water extraction machines to air movers,  dehumidifiers, and negative  air scrubbers, our crews have    the experience to dry out, clean-up, and put your  home back together again in no time! 

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                  WIND DAMAGE

When the wind starts to blow and howl so many things can happen to your home. Whether it's severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, or straight line winds, we all know the damage it can cause. Trees can come crashing down on your house, garage, fence, or barn causing serious damage. We can help! We can remove the tree, whether it's a small limb or a huge 50' Jack Pine.  We can then repair the damage to your roof or siding. We can also fix any interior damage that might have occurred. Heartwood Construction can be there from start to finish helping you recover from whatever wind or storm damage you incur.

Call us at 616-785-0210
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