Some our recent projects include the following:


When Noto's developed a leak in their interior fire sprinkling system and had water all over in their beautiful dining room, Heartwood Construction & Restoration was there right away to extract the water, set up air movers and dehumidifiers so that their business was disrupted for the least amount of time as possible.  When they developed a second leak Heartwood was right back out there to clean up again.  Heartwood not only took care of the dry out, but also the drywall repair, the painting, the cleaning of drapes, and the carpet cleaning.  Don't let water get you down, call Heartwood!

                                                             HEARTWOOD DOES IT ALL!!!


This home was a beautiful home but suffered extensive damage due to fire.  It was an extremely difficult time for the family.  Heartwood Construction was there from day one.  Heartwood first did an emergency temp at the property to prevent further damage.  The next step was doing a complete pack out of contents. Heartwood knows that the handling of owner's contents is just as important as the repair of their home. The salvageable contents were brought back to be cleaned and restored to their prior condition.  They were then stored in our warehouse until the homeowners were settled into their "new" home.  At any time the homeowners were able to come to the warehouse to see and retrieve any of their contents that they needed. Heartwood worked diligently on repairs so that the homeowners were inconvenienced for the least amount of time as possible.  The homeowners were not only Heartwood's customer during this process but also became Heartwood's friends.  The entire process went relatively smoothly and the customers were extremely happy with the results.  Don't let a catastrophe get you down.  Call Heartwood Construction & Restoration.



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